Financial Planning

Financial Planning for Melbourne Business and Individuals

Clear Tax offers a wide range of financial planning services both for business owners and for personal wealth management.

Our team of experienced Melbourne accountants, bookkeepers and auditors are always on hand to provide tailored advice and guidance designed to help you consolidate your financial future. This can be in the form of one-off assessments, or as part of the ongoing accounting services we provide.


How Clear Tax financial planning benefits your business

We provide tailored financial planning services designed to ensure that your business operates as effectively and tax efficiently as possible, and in line with all current ATO regulations. Our advisers work in partnership with you to discover ways in which you can balance costs, and in so doing devote more of your resources to core functions and growth strategies.

As we are highly experienced financial planners, we understand that business owners have a range of competing demands, and so you need clear strategies and planning in place to be able to develop and grow. Therefore, the specialists on our team will help you to consolidate your business position while devising plans for growth and change, regardless of the size of your business or its current development stage.

Our expertise covers a variety of areas associated with financial planning for a business, including fiscal analysis, strategy development, systems review and implementation, sustainability and much more.

We will also work closely with you and your team to establish KPIs for the business, conduct feasibility studies if required, and offer a range of impartial accounting advice designed to assist you in your strategic thinking and decision making.


Personal financial planning and accounting services

Our personal financial packages encompass a wide range of services and solutions, all designed to help you grow and maintain wealth and live the life you want.

We work with you to understand your life and financial goals in order to develop a strategy to help you achieve them. This might include investing in property or paying off debt, for instance, selling assets, or starting a business. The approach is always highly personalised and tailored to your specific needs.

Whatever your goals, whether it’s preparing for retirement, investing in property or shares, protecting your wealth, debt management, or making the most of your superannuation, Clear Tax personal accountants and advisers will help you choose a course of action that enables you to secure your financial future.

Our experience in this space also means that we understand there is no one-size-fits-all way to plan for the future, which is why our financial planning will help you to explore a wide range of options and approaches.

Importantly, our tax accountants will also ensure that you receive all the deductions to which you are entitled, while at the same time minimising your taxation obligations so that you have more available funds to fulfil your financial goals.

We can also assist you to find out more about setting financial goals, including self managed super funds (SMSF), investment bonds, estate planning, improving cash flow, and much more.

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