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Clear Tax offers you high quality, tailored advice and guidance from a skilled and experienced team of personal accountants Melbourne can rely on. Our goal is to make completing a tax return as simple as possible, and so we are always on hand to provide advice and guidance on what you can claim and the documentation you require.


A tailored approach to personal accounting

We can help you maximise your tax refund regardless of the profession or industry you work in, or whether you’re employed full-time, part-time or on a casual basis in the gig economy.

Our Melbourne accountant team has extensive experience not only in preparing personal tax returns, but also with second look assessment, filing multiple year returns, and minimizing tax debt, so whatever your requirements we are here to help.

Understanding the deductions you are entitled to claim, and how to do so, is key to minimising your personal tax liability. We will assist you to find and collate all the documents that will be required to demonstrate your income and expenses. This includes:

  • Employment income
  • Income from superannuation, annuities and pensions
  • Investment income
  • Business incomes
  • Funds derived from overseas
  • Any government payments received


Tax and financial planning services

At Clear Tax, we work hard to create close working relationships and partnerships with our clients.  This includes offering ongoing tax planning services to ensure you have the best possible tax position going forward into the future, as well as working with you on other taxation and financial issues, such as property investment and capital gains tax, or any income from other sources such as stocks and shares.


Second look assessments, tax debts and multiple year tax returns

Second look assessments and reviews

If you disagree with your tax assessment, are not sure that you have received your maximum refund, or simply want to get a review of your previous tax return, we can undertake a second look assessment on your behalf.

The aim of this is to make sure you get all deductions and rebates that you should, and if we find any errors we will file an amendment so that you get back any missing money you are entitled to. Any fees incurred in a second look assessment are tax deductible.

Tax debts

Clear Tax business and personal accountants have extensive experience in working with the ATO and can undertake tax negotiation and settlement services on your behalf.  For instance, in some instances we can get interest that you have been charged remitted, or negotiate a payment plan for you. If you have overlooked deductions that would have reduced your debt, we can prepare an  amendment that reduces or removes your debt to the ATO.

Multiple years tax returns

If you have missed a tax deadline, or you have an outstanding or overdue tax return, our Melbourne accountant team can help.

We will check your current lodgement status with the ATO in order to discover what details have been reported, and any years that may be outstanding. We will then work in partnership with you to get you up to date as soon as possible.

If you have been advised that you are required to lodge so as to avoid having to pay a penalty, Clear Tax will negotiate with the ATO on your behalf, advising them that your returns are being completed. If penalties have been issued, we will work on your behalf to have these returned.

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