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Not for Profit (NFP) Business Accountant Melbourne

While not-for-profit (NFP) organisations have different structures and aims to companies, there are nevertheless many similarities when it comes to how they operate, and the degree to which they are subject to regulation and need to be compliant with government legislation.

This means that NFPs require the services of professional accountants who are not only experienced in business accounting, but also have the specific expertise required by charities, sporting organisations, NGOs, professional associations and other not-for-profit organisations.

However, it may be that as a voluntary or charity organisation, you do not have the resources or need for an in-house accounting team. Clear Tax can provide you with business accounting services when you need them, and we offer a range of packages designed specifically to meet the requirements of NFPs.

Specialist Melbourne NFP accounting services

Clear Tax is very experienced when it comes to acting as an outsourced finance team for not-for-profit organisations, operating under the guidance of the CFO or another member of the management team. 

In this way, our specialist tax and business accountants can provide your organisation with high quality, ongoing accounting services, such as payroll and bookkeeping, so that you are only paying for these sorts of financial services as they are required. Not only does this help to reduce your overheads (essential in the charity and volunteer sectors), but it also helps ensure compliance, as our team is always up to date with all current legislation.

At the same time, we can offer advice and guidance as required, and provide impartial oversight of your record keeping and how well your financial systems are operating.

Charity, NGO and not-for-profit accounting

We offer a variety of services that help charitable and volunteer organisations maintain proper oversight of finances and ensure compliance with the specific laws related to how such organisations must operate.

Our packages are flexible, and can be designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs and budget. 

For instance, Clear Tax accountants can provide accounting reports to senior managers and/or the board at specific intervals or as required, and attend finance or audit sub-committee meetings (in person or remotely) at pre-determined times. 

Clear Tax can also prepare annual financial statements in accordance with statutory requirements, and work with your auditors in the preparation of your Audited Financial Acquittal.

In addition, our team of highly experienced accountants can provide a range of additional services, such as advice and guidance on your specific tax obligations and exemptions as a NFP organisation, such as fringe benefits tax (FBT), GST, stamp duty and income tax.

Beyond technical accounting services, we can also provide strategic financial management and other consultancy services to help consolidate your organisation’s finances.

Over a number of years, Clear Tax has worked with a variety of different NFP, charity and volunteer organisations, including community service organisations and cultural groups, sporting clubs, education charities, arts organisations, professional associations, environmental charities, and many more. This wide ranging experience has enabled us to have an understanding and insight into the way NFPs operate, and the unique challenges they face.

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