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Clear Tax provides tax management services designed to help your business minimise its tax obligations. Our goal is to maximise your tax return through reducing your taxable income, increasing your deductions, and taking advantage of any tax credits to which you are entitled.

We work with you to examine every aspect of your operations, with the aim of achieving positive tax outcomes through which you can also enhance the overall viability and sustainability of your business.

It is important to remember that the tax you are required to pay is essentially like any other business cost, and as such it needs careful management to ensure that you are paying only that which you are obliged to pay. Our aim as business tax advisers is therefore to work with you to develop solutions that will achieve the most efficient tax outcomes.


Melbourne accounting services to support tax management

The way our specialist tax accountants work is to look ahead and ensure that all taxation options have been examined and considered before submissions are due, so as to keep you compliant while at the same time minimising your obligations to the ATO.

This type of tax management is important because it not only reduces the amount of tax you might be required to pay, but enables you to maintain cash flow at the levels needed to operate effectively and efficiently.

Our business accountants will suggest a range of options that can achieve this, such as bringing forward planned future expenses in order to delay the payment of tax in the current financial year, for instance.

We will also review any tax strategies you currently have in place to ensure that you are compliant, while any new tax management strategies we propose for your business will be in line with all current ATO legislation.


Clear Tax business accounting and tax management services

We provide tax management services and business accounting Melbourne companies and organisations of any size can benefit from. As part of this service, we ensure that you are compliant and up to date with all ATO regulations, while also assisting you to set up effective systems and maintain accurate, relevant records, including establishing audit trails ahead of potential audits by the ATO.

This level of preparedness not only helps your business to fulfil its obligations, but will also help you to operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

At the same time, we will endeavour to organise your reporting and compliance structures so that they are flexible and able to change and develop as your business grows. This also helps to minimise costs both now and in the future.

Our tax management expertise extends to all areas, including:

  • Corporate tax
  • Fringe benefits tax
  • Directors’ income tax
  • Luxury car tax
  • PAYG obligations
  • Superannuation obligations

We are also specialists in Goods and Services Tax (GST) accounting. We can ensure that you are not liable for any fines or penalties as a result of non-compliance, while at the same time delivering all tax credits to which you are entitled. In addition, we work with you to review and lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS).

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